Chicago Graphic Design MeetUp :: WordPress Porfolios at PsPrint in Des Plaines

A big thank-you to Patrick Boland (PBECreative) and Boone Harris for their excellent presentation last night on WordPress portfolios at the latest Graphic Design MeetUp. Rich and the folks at PsPrint in Des Plaines served as excellent hosts, and there were around 25 in attendance.

Having just gone through the process of creating a new portfolio site for my business, I was curious to see what else I should do to make my new site as effective as possible. Patrick and Boone mentioned a few plug-ins to consider (mainly SEO, which I’m still learning about), and some extra resources to consult when I need answers to WP-specific issues.

And if you’re in the market for printing, give PsPrint a call. They do excellent work, and are focused on great customer service.

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