…the Process

Graphic design in its most basic form is communication. In order to communicate with your customer, I need to understand what it is you want to say, and how you want to say it. To do that, you and I need to discuss, come to a consensus and plan.

To that end, I take a four-step approach to working with you:

  1. Meeting with you (in-person, over phone, through email), discussing your project and researching how best to fulfill your design needs
  2. Sketching out preliminary designs, consulting with you to find the best fit for the project
  3. Final design completion using your feedback to enhance the project’s design, quality control
  4. Scheduling the production and delivery of your design

I prepare proposals after discussing your design needs with you. This gives you a chance to see what you’re getting – in writing – and gives you the opportunity for feedback.

Once the proposal is acceptable to all parties, a signed contract and 50% deposit will seal the deal. For a more comprehensive outline of how I work, you can download a PDF of my workflow irsr business process PDF [41KB].


My name is Jack Cole, owner and designer of ifredsayred. After working freelance several years for other designers, I decided to create my own design shop. I enjoy solving problems, helping people find the design solutions their companies need.

I started the company to help small- to medium-sized companies realize the full potential of good design. I taught communications and technical writing for several years, and understand how effective communication can bring people together with information and expertise they need.

I work from my home studio in Chicago. I’m originally from Ft. Bragg, North Carolina, hold a BS in International Business from Auburn University, and have lived in Atlanta, St. Louis, and Cologne and Hannover, Germany.

…the Name

I often get asked how the name ‘ifredsayred’ came about. Like most things, there’s a story, but I promise it’s short. My sister was showing my rather pragmatic father some paint samples for her house, and remarked that she was partial to “Oxblood” and “Cardinal”.

My father, thoroughly confused with precious color names remarked, “If it’s red, they ought to call it red.” Thus “ifredsayred”, reflecting my own approach to design. Rather than confuse clients with jargon, I like to communicate in language that helps clients feel they have a handle on design. (Thanks, Dad!)